Fundraising Disclaimer

Fundraising Disclaimer

An Introduction for those Fundraising for Nest.

Please read this before you undertake any form of fundraising on behalf of Nephrotic Syndrome Trust (NeST).

How to keep your fundraising - Safe, Legal and Fun
Thank you so much for choosing to support NeST. It’s thanks to amazing people like you, that we’re able to continue bringing hope to those who need it most. Fund’s you raise are helping to bring new therapies and potential cures much closer. It also helps to educate people about Nephrotic Syndrome and raise the profile of the illness in many ways. As you plan your fundraising, here is a list of things to help you think about ~ how to keep your fundraising safe, legal and of course, fun!

Importantly make sure you have fun!

Fundraising provides a great opportunity to complete a personal challenge, put on an event in your community, or team up with friends all for a very good cause. It’s a fantastic opportunity!

Fundraising should be a positive experience for all, whether an individual is an existing donor, or a potential new supporter. Through engaging the public in the work of charities, fundraising gives people the opportunity to support the issues they care about, connecting them with the cause. It is inevitable that fundraisers will come into contact with people from many walks of life and all must be treated equally. Special care must be shown to those who may be vulnerable, or need additional support to make an informed decision. Please be mindful of such.

It is only thanks to the generosity of those who put on fundraising events, and donate, that NeST continues to support research into Nephrotic Syndrome and educate people. Through you efforts new research is undertaken, people educated, grants obtained, sufferers supported and much more. As a charity we punch well above our weight as a small charity and we engage ad give input in both national and international programmes.  You are NeST ~ Thank you!

The advice given here is clearly intended to provide general guidance only and for everyone’s protection.

Transfer of funds

Today many people donate via our Internet platforms Just Giving, PayPal, Amazon Smile, and Virgin, We understand after some major events it can take time to collect monies raised if not using these methods. Normally however all money raised in aid of NeST must be sent to us within four to six weeks of collection, if not earlier. Sometimes with for example match funding this can take longer we understand, just let us know. Recently NeST has began to use card readers for card payments at some larger events.

Expenses must not be deducted from the sums collected unless you have approved this with us, provided us with a receipt, and made this very clear to your sponsors or donors.

Handling cash

Collect cash using a secure container. Never leave cash unattended.

At least two people (unrelated) must be assigned to collect, count and record all cash handled at your event. All cash must be counted in a secure environment. Take care when carrying money around, or taking it to the bank. You must ensure that any fundraising money is banked as soon as possible.

Collecting money

To collect money in a public place, e.g. carol singing in your local supermarket, you must get permission and sometimes a formal license from either the local council, police, shopping centre, supermarket or landowner as well as from NeST. Do remember that Gift Aid is very important way to raise extra funds at no extra expense. However this must be from an individual who pays tax and qualifies to do such.

Door-to-door collections are illegal without a license and we do not support this method as a charity.

Fundraising materials and publicity

All of your fundraising activities and materials should make it clear that you are fundraising in aid of NeST, but that you do not represent NeST other than as a fundraiser on this occasion. If you are using our logo, it should be used with the statement: [name of volunteer/ group] raising funds in aid of ‘NeST’ clearly stated. If you produce any fundraising materials, they should be labelled with  ~ In aid of Nephrotic Syndrome Trust’ (NeST) Registered Charity No 1107601. You may also like to add on your flyer/poster that Nephrotic Syndrome is a kidney condition, as many people are not aware of Nephrotic Syndrome.

Food Hygiene

If you are serving food at your event, the Food Standards Agency  provides guidelines for preparing, handling, allergies, and cooking food. This is very important to understand. Please abide by these strict food hygiene standards when preparing and cooking and serving food at NeST events.


Check whether you need any special license from your local council, or establishment hosting the event, it’s important you enquire if they have a license for the following, or not; eg a public entertainment license, or a license to sell alcohol, charity collections, or to hold a prize draw, or raffle etc. This is an area people can easily forget, or simply not be aware of legalities.

By law you cannot just go out collecting money on the street, you need to get permission from the council. The NeST Director Wendy Cook does not advocate door to door street collections and advises fundraisers to kindly find other ways to fundraise please. There is more information on the Government website at  or contact your local authority for advice.

Health and safety

Whether you’re taking part in, or organizing a sponsored walk, coffee morning, personal challenge, or any other fundraising activity, you will need to consider any potential risks to organizers, guests, volunteers, helpers or the general public, and think about how you can minimise such risk. You may well need to conduct a Risk Assessment for some activities.

This is to ensure that you have proper plans for the safety of participants. If you need more information, consult the Health and

Safety Executive –

Ensure that all participants are fully briefed about the event, including (where relevant) any obvious risks. It is essential that children are suitably cared for and parents/guardians, involved/ informed, and any necessary permission given in writing. Consider what insurance cover you need for your event (eg public liability insurance), and if the NeST insurance scheme will cover this. Do ask Wendy Cook if you are unsure.


Like any other sector, charities are not immune to criminal abuse from fraudsters. Fraud poses a serious risk to valuable funds and sensitive data, and can damage the good reputation of charities, affecting public trust and confidence in the sector as a whole.

Fraud is dishonesty, involving either:

false representation, for example identity fraud, collectors
failing to disclose information
abuse of position to make a gain or cause loss to another
Fraud is the most reported crime in the UK. According to the Office for National Statistics, an individual in the UK is 10 times more likely to be a victim of fraud than theft. The charity sector is no different.

As trustees (and supporters/fundraisers) we all have a duty to see that any events or fundraising is honest, ethical and safe. Failure to hand proceeds over to the charity can have very serious legal consequences and damage the reputation of NeST and those involved. We have a duty to fully pursue any criminal actions.

It is critical that you and those involved fully understand some basics. Any fundraising for NeST should be made for the benefit of medical research, educating others about NS and supporting those who suffer via support groups and events. This should be clearly stated and permission gained before an event. Private fundraising for individuals must not be linked to NeST in any circumstances. When several charities are supported this should be made very clear to donors.

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