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Nottingham App Roadshow review

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Nottingham App Roadshow review

First time showcasing our new NeST App at Nottingham

A VERY BIG THANKYOU to our 'NeST Young Ambassadors' and the 'Nottingham Renal Team'! The roadshow went very well as our first stage launch of the app. Thank you so much to all those who attended the Nottingham Roadshow and gave very valuable input for the app development. We were able to see the the first stage of the functionality of the app (so not the whole app yet!). We were pleased to have a discussion on the app, and also Young Ambassador 'Sophie' kindly gave her personal patient story that was very moving and people found her honesty and coping mechanism with with NS very helpful and inspiring. Dr Martin Christian gave a talk on the development of PREDNOS studies (steroids!) and Donna Hilton, youth worker manager at Nottingham hospital, kindly gave a very inspiring talk on supporting transition from children to adults that Nottingham hospital do very well.  Scarlet Chappell kindly made recordings of the talks that will be used as soundbites in a later animation we hope. Thank you Scarlet.

So as our first Road Show it was a profitable meeting for all and will feed into later developments and shows that will have their own special content.  The next road show will be at Bristol Labs on Thursday 12th March 2020 with lab tours and much more. This is World Kidney Day! Look out for more info in later December/ early January 2020

We will feedback your comments and ideas to the developers to start creating the mobile pages. If anyone has any further thoughts please email me or Sandie

It was also lovely to meet new families and persons who have been newly diagnosed too. We’ll keep you all updated on the app progress. A questionnaire will follow.
Thank you so much for coming again.

Best wishes Sandie & Wendy     

Look out for dates for Road Shows on 2020

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