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Special Darts Event Night in Colchester for NeST!

Published: 24th July, 2019 @ 3:48pm

Thankyou so much to Lindsey Saunders (Stephanie Smith's mum), & 'Colchester Ladies Open Darts League Committee & Dart Teams, and hosts Melanie Cox & Staff at the Snooker Club, George Street, for organising the darts event and raising the wonderful sum of £355.50 for our charity!! Please pass on my grateful thanks to all those family and friends who generously donated to the event, it's much appreciated!

Special thanks to hosts Melanie Cox and Staff for holding this event at your snooker club, this is very kind of you!

I'm sure Lindsey is most touched by everyone's support to help fund research to find a cure for her grandson as well as many thousands of other children suffering from this very debilitating kidney condition.

Stephanie Smith - NeST & the Research Team really value your family's and friends continued support!!