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NURTuRE RECRUITMENT - a very important enterprise for all renal patients!

Published: 13th December, 2018 @ 7:01pm

NURTuRE RECRUITMENT - The Research team need your help please. Please share amongst your groups this is a very important enterprise for all renal patients!

Sites CURRENTLY recruiting - Adult : Derby, Salford, Royal Free, Newcastle, Leeds, Cardiff, Glasgow, Nottingham, Birmingham Queen Elizabeth & Imperial (Hammersmith), York,(Nottingham,Birmingham and Leicester & 'Guys' London are new sites).Oxford Adults will open soon too!

Paediatric: Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow and soon Birmingham, Nottingham and New Sites Evalina Children's Hospital,London, and Cardiff.

PLEASE NOTE THOSE RENAL UNITS/HOSPITALS WHO ARE NOT NURTuRE CENTRES PLEASE ASK ABOUT ENROLLING FOR Nephros study -Research Team need as many urine,blood and plasma samples as possible ESPECIALLY DURING RELAPSES WHEN NEPHROTIC SYNDROME IS MOST ACTIVE!!!!!! IT's vital if you are enrolled in studies samples are sent to research team so at time of relapse please contact your renal unit!!!

This is a very important enterprise for all renal patients. Nephrotic Syndrome patients both children and adults are being enrolled under the 'Nephros study' -please ask your consultant about it! This is a huge game changer and I know I said this before, but it is the truth the Bristol team and many others are working extremely hard to find new therapies to treat Nephrotic Syndrome.please get involved and spread the word about Nephros & NURTuRE enterprise in your facebook groups too -

The project has considerable backing from pharmaceutical companies, in a way that clinicians/academics can contribute and benefit from industrial research and development, and vice versa.

The collection will be overseen by a dedicated committee from the Renal Association and Kidney Research UK, who will govern how the information is kept safe, and used appropriately for research and patient benefit.