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A Very Big Thankyou to 'Zurich Community Trust' for awarding us a grant of £1,750 !!!!!

Published: 13th December, 2018 @ 7:06pm

A Very Big Thankyou to 'Zurich Community Trust' for awarding us a grant of £1,750 !!!!! ! Whoopee!!!

Thankyou So much to David Harris for nominating our charity!!! I've also been been given £225.00 from Battens a local solicitors childrens trust too. These funds will be put towards a young people's activity day, because so many of our young people enjoyed getting together at the labs for the science day.I plan to get together with Cade Morant early in the New Year to start planning the day.The day will be for those 16 years upwards,however places may have to be limited dependent on costs,but we will try and make it fair as possible. I will endeavour to find more funding if needed though. I did put in the grant application for one activity that might appeal to young people is indoor skydiving,but of course there are many activities to choose from and we'll go with what the majority fancy.

So young people please give us any ideas for us to consider please! Or if anyone has any contacts who could offer discounted activity packages,or say discounted tickets to Harry studio studios,or know of any film,theatre productions coming up who may offer VIP Tickets ??? Please give us ideas to consider!! Also, I may need one, or two volunteers to tag along and look cool and make sure everyone safely looked after if travelling from afar and put back on buses and trains etc,but not treat our young folk like children, but you know what I mean I'm sure.

So any ideas please fire away,I'll list them down if you kindly email me [email protected] -Thankyou!