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Wow!!! Magnificent Fundraising in Provence!!!

Published: 6th December, 2018 @ 3:50pm

Wow!!! -Everyone sit down whilst you read this post!!!!!!

Dinner in Provence organised by Emma Clarke and her four wonderful friends was incredibly successful!! All the guests were beautifully attired for the evening and enjoyed the beautiful ambience of a five star hotel!! The dinner and auction raised a magnificent sum of £11,800!!! AMAZING I'm completely stunned!!! Thankyou SO much everyone for all your hard work!!!

A Very Big Thankyou to all those who gave amazing auction gifts to support our charity and thankyou to all the guests who attended this event and gave very generously too,I'm most touched indeed and I'm sure Emma and family are too!! Special thanks also to the hotel staff and the band for making it a very enjoyable evening!! Both Bristol team of researchers and NeST are extremely appreciative of your help to continue funding the important work of finding a cure for Nephrotic Syndrome!!
Best Wishes,WendyXXX