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Charity Places for the Great North Run 2019!

Published: 2nd October, 2018 @ 10:29am

Hi Everyone,
Please could you kindly email me [email protected] if you wish to have a place for the Great North Run 2019.

I need numbers at the latest by 9AM 12th of OCTOBER! IMPORTANT -last day to submit application for charity places!!!!

It was only last week whilst I was away on holiday l had the prospectus through, prices are £56 per place, plus £20 admin fee & vat. I would love to get a big team together if possible.Fundraising was superb from this year from team 2018,so I'm happy for partcipants to pay just £56 only,however if you wish to pay in full to the charity that's great as we are still a small charity so more difficult for us to absorb costs of buying lots of places. Also, happy to take payment in two parts if needed too. However I do ask remainder costs are paid if you do not not defer your place for the following year if you have an injury.Happy to pay full cost only if a person raises at least £200,as I don't want to prohibit people from race, but please note my deferral terms apply. I hope this all sounds fair everyone,please say if you not via email.From this afternoon onwards until 12 th of October charities can apply for places,but there is no guarantee we will get all places,so not a big window to apply! We will hear on the 19th of October allocation of numbers and hopefully we will be given more than last year as I had to sadly dissappoint some people who were not down on my list first. So far I have five down on my list,plus two deferrals.Please note also I'm out the office this coming Friday and Monday and possibly at meetings on the 10th and the 11th October, but will reply immediately on my return and submit numbers to GNR by midday on the 12th of October.

Any queries please email me -Many Thanks & Best wishes,Wendy X