NeST News

September 2018

Claire Hawkes and Family & Friends Gung -Ho again for NeST!!!

Published: 22nd Sep, 2018

Message from Claire - So far £550 raised for NeST, if Gung-Ho is in your area or if anything similar it is a fantastically fun way to raise money and it is easy to entice others to join you!!! We will have to start planning what we are going to do next year to raise some more pennies for NeST!!!!!!​

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Wow!! Amazing Fundraising by Great North Runners -Jennie,Philip and Edward!!!

Published: 20th Sep, 2018

Helen Lewis feeling very proud saying these these 3 legends completed the Great North Run!!!

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Yvonne Davies 60TH Birthday Celebrations!!!

Published: 18th Sep, 2018

A Very Big Thankyou to Yvonne Davies for all the cheques & cash donations, most of which was kindly gifted aided too, which were gifts from your family and friends given to you in lieu of presents at your request at your 60TH Birthday Party last Saturday,most kind of you!!!

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