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'Cracking the kidney disease code with Kidney Research UK' - 16th of May

Published: 8th May, 2017 @ 7:30am

Hi Everyone, a date for your diaries 16th of May, lectures at the 'Pint of Science Festival' by Gavin Welsh and Carl May on Nephrotic Syndrome in Bristol (Bristol Team researchers,those of you you came to patient day would have met them both).ONLY 8 TICKETS LEFT GUYS!!!! here's the link -

The breakdown of the kidney filtration system

Gavin Welsh (Non Clinical Senior Lecturer in Renal Cell Biology, University of Bristol)

Nephrotic Syndrome is a devastating disease usually first diagnosed in young children where the kidney filtration system breaks down. This leads to massive loss of proteins from the blood into the urine, with severe long-term complications and eventual kidney failure. The focus of Gavin's work is to understand the molecular basis of this disease, including inherited forms, and forms caused by circulating toxic factors in the blood.

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Podo-what? – what the podocyte is and what it does in the kidney

Carl May (Research Associate)

Carl spent his Kidney Research UK sponsored PhD studentship looking at one of the 20 cell-types in the kidney: the podocyte. In particular, he was looking at how these cells change in kidney disease. Since finishing his PhD he has continued working with Gavin looking at how the circulating factor might be causing kidney disease.