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Earn money for NeST from Amazon Smile and Give as you Live shopping online

Monday, October 19, 2020

Amazon (Smile) may have a solid fan base and there are those who are less enthusiastic about it's growth. However purchases you make can help by ensuring a small donation to NeST.

Give as you Live - is another online platform that many of you may be less familiar with, will also give a donation to NeST (A little like Top Cash Back or Quidco operate, but this is for charity only).So please kindly consider using both whilst shopping online.Thankyou!

This year more than ever, many Christmas gifts and every day goods and shopping will be purchased online via the Internet. We may not all support such a change, but it is a fact and here to stay and certainly as long as Covid-19 is around will grow. For charities there is some good news here.

Amazon that grows each year - runs a charity donation system called Amazon Smile where 0.5% of a purchase goes to a chosen charity you choose from any orders made. All you do is search on the Internet for Amazon Smile. Sign up and choose NeST -please remember to put full name in - Nephrotic Sydrome Trust as your charity. Then when ever you sign in as normal, make sure you sign in via Amazon Smile (not just on Amazon or it will not be recorded) - then the donation will be given. There is no catch to you. Just sign in via Smile as you would normally. It's just a case of remembering. Just below the top left of the main webpage it will show the charity name Nephrotic Syndrome Trust', you know then you are signed into Smile. Forgot? Log out, sign in via Smile, and you basket is still there!  No Catch.Or you can use this tool smilematic which automatically redirects to amzonsmile. Many Thanks for your support!

Give as you Live (Search on the Internet for  - gives a varying percentage of an online shop that ranges from 0.5% to 2% but varies. This operates via many online retailers like Waitrose/John Lewis, Lakeland, M & S, Boots, Argos, Sky, Trainline, Hotels.COM, CURRYS and more incl insurance, travel companies, and much more. Visit the site and it tells you all about it that we recommend. Again you simply sign in via Give as you Live (so it's recorded) and shop normally. There is no catch.You can regulate any e mails you opt into or not.  Again, just remember to sign into this website and it takes you to your shop or business. You can add an alert to remind you in case you forget when visiting a participaating busniness.Easy money! PLEASE DO TELL YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO SIGN UP.

Two great ways to shop online and raise funds - but us never forget the value of shopping personally on our high street to keep it alive.


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