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Don't need anymore Christmas presents? Why not make 2020 a year of change.

Monday, October 19, 2020

As we get older especially, most of us find we rather give a Christmas gift to someone than receive one. (Ok, it's also quite nice to receive some as well) 

Also many people feel Christmas has become far too commercial in recent years and they are quite correct, it has, arriving in shops in early October sometimes. This can make some feel cynical along with excess and debts for some. It has lost some of it's magic, many feel. The strange times we find ourselves in may be a good opportunity to change this spiral down, and recall what the celebration is really about. It is after all a Christian Festival with 'giving' and 'gift' at it's heart. That is why we give gifts to others to remember the birth of the Christ and gifts given by wise men. It is a time of year when anybody can feel the joy of giving and helping others. You can't buy that!


Our chest of drawers are perhaps full of unused socks from a year or two back, scarves hung in the wardrobe unused, and more. Perfume bottles are on our dressing table unopened or very seldom used. Our kitchen may have many utencils and gadgets that again are stored collecting dust and still in their original packaging and unused. This may not be the case for some people with chocolate! (unless sadly you are restricted)

And some children, where one a small toy and piece of fruit were once welcomed, now many say expect too much from parents.

In the years to come, people will have to revert to using less of our Earth's precious materials and cut down on waste. This was once the norm. Also, many people will know the feeling of 'what do you get someone who seems to have all they need'. Why get into debt is another reason to keep it simple.

Well, why not do like many of the UK's very large charities suggest and encourage, and instead of buying a gift, give a charity donation? Clearly it would be great if this is for NeST and you can tell people what NeST and NS is all about. It might be you still give them a very small gift of course.

NeST spends no money on expensive advertising campaigns, runs with minimal overhead.Run by a great team with the help and support of the NeST family in the UK and even overseas.

So have a think. This might be a great way of helping charity and regaining something of the magic of Christmas.

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